Black History Book for Young Minds

Fun | Colorful | Engaging

Black History Alphabet Book
Frederick Douglass
Alphabet Chart

Black History ABC Book
Each page includes colorful images that trigger the child’s imagination and understanding.
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This book is excellent and very educational. I read it with my youngest son; and he really enjoyed learning from it. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn Black History as well as its great for teachers and parents with young children.
— Juanita Cheng

The book arrived neatly packaged in a protective clear wrapping and I was excited to open it. It is bright, vibrant and keeps the attention of children. The pictures and language allow for the book to be an interactive part of morning circle and compliments the curricula on various levels. So much of what is highlighted can be connected to science, community helpers, citizenship, and math. The book was well thought out and will go a long way in our preschool classrooms. I am pleased that our students will be able to have such a positive representation of African Americans associated with the alphabet.
Lori Cobb, Owner, Tiniest Footprints Early Learning & Childcare Center