Mary Fields
In July 1775 the Second Continental Congress established the US postal system. Enslaved men, who worked for transportation contractors were
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Mary Church Terrell
Though less known than others, she was an important figure in the fight for equal rights and should be included
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Ella Baker
Who Was Ella Baker? Ella Baker, although less known than others, was an important civil rights leader during the 1950s
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Richard Etheridge
Before the establishment of the United States Coast Guard, there was the United States Life-Saving Service. The Life-Saving Service was
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Anthony Bowen
Did you know that Anthony Bowen founded the first black YMCA? Bowen was born into slavery in Prince George’s County,
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Frederick Douglass
How well do students know Frederick Douglass? Do they know that he recruited troops to fight in the Civil War,
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Alexander T Augusta
Alexander T Augusta was one of at least thirteen black civil war physicians. Because of his skin color Alexander T
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Robert Smalls
Do students know that Robert Smalls was hailed as a hero during the Civil War? Robert Smalls, who was born
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369th Infantry Regiment
African Americans in World War I…who were they? If you’re teaching World War I, African American soldiers that made up
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Teaching Black History

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