The King Center in Atlanta, Georgia is a National Historic Site and is operated in partnership with the National Park Service. The Center serves as a repository for Dr. King’s works and other material from the Civil Rights Movement.  It is also the site of historical attractions including: the home where Dr. King was born; Ebenezer Baptist Church; the Crypt of Dr. and Mrs. King; and Freedom Hall.

Your walk up to the Visitor Center takes you along the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame, which features footstep impressions of civil and human rights icons, including Rosa Parks and Congressman John Lewis.

Martin Luther King Jr Funeral WagonOn display in the Visitor Center is the farm wagon that was used to carry Dr. King to the Southview Cemetery, where he was interred prior to being entombed at the Center with Mrs. King.

Martin Luther King Jr AwardsFreedom Hall is the main exhibit area at the Center. The Dr. King exhibit includes artifacts, memorabilia, and a replica of his Nobel Peace Medal.

There are also rooms dedicated to the life and works of Rosa Parks and Mahatma Gandhi.

Ebenezer Baptist Church AtlantaBefore leaving the Center, be sure to visit historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King, Jr. served as co-pastor from 1960 until his assassination in 1968. The sanctuary is open to the public and you can listen to sermons of Dr. King.Ebenezer Baptist Church Santuary





The King Center, 449 Auburn Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA